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Automate your Salesforce workflows with an all-in-one form, document, and signature solution.


20 hours/week

Forms for Salesforce saves teams an average of 20 hours per week, giving them more time to focus on impactful work.


90% of customers say Formstack
helps them get their job done.

G2 Leader

G2 named Formstack a 2022 leader in Online Forms, Document Generation, and eSignature collection.

Build seamless Salesforce workflows

With Formstack for Salesforce, you can break down data silos, save time, and improve the customer experience with dynamically prefilled forms, automated document generation, and streamlined digital signature collection—all without ever leaving your Salesforce org.
Create a single source of truth

Formstack for Salesforce is built directly off of the Salesforce data model, making it easy to transform your Salesforce org into a single source of truth. Easily collect and manage information without needing to step outside of

Surpass customer expectations

Customers should never have to fill out the same information twice. Give them a seamless experience by generating forms that are prefilled with information from your Salesforce records. No manual data entry or uploads needed.

Succeed at digital transformation

Ramp up your digital efforts with easy-to-use workflow automation tools for Salesforce. Capture data with online forms, automate the creation of data-driven documents, and collect eSignatures from customers and employees—all with minimal coding.

Access user-friendly Salesforce features

With Formstack’s Salesforce automation tools, you can create efficient end-to-end workflows that scale with your business.

Native Form Builder

Easily collect data and improve the customer experience with forms that can be built directly in Salesforce. No integration needed.

Progressive Data Capture

Connect forms to any standard or custom object, dynamically prefill fields with existing data, and easily verify and update records.

Payment Processing

Integrate your Salesforce forms with PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and iATS to seamlessly collect and process payments.

One-Click Documents

Add a custom Documents button to any Salesforce object to create documents based on individual records with a single click.

Flexible-Rules Engine

Easily create rules that let you route data to multiple documents, add conditional logic, and send completed files to third-party apps.

Multiple Delivery Options

Easily upload documents to the cloud, attach to Salesforce records, or deliver to Formstack Sign for digital signature capture.

An all-in-one solution for Salesforce workflow automation

Forms for Salesforce

Use our drag-and-drop builder to create powerful forms directly in Salesforce. Dynamically prefill data from any object to reimagine your form experience.
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Documents for Salesforce

Use our seamless document generator to automate your Salesforce document creation. Easily populate documents with data in just a couple clicks.
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Formstack Sign

Eliminate paperwork with a drag-and-drop eSignature solution that lets you collect digital signatures for forms and documents on any device.
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Put your data to work with Formstack’s native tools for Salesforce.
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Hundreds of orgs rely on Formstack for Salesforce

Formstack’s Salesforce automation tools help teams save time and digitize processes at scale.

“This is a great tool, and Formstack has excellent customer support. Highly recommend for those seeking to use in Salesforce.”
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“Our company got Formstack for Salesforce, and it has simplified so many things on our end. It makes it super easy to gather information from prospects…”
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“Formstack's support team understands the support a partner needs, takes time to understand where we are in the implementation, and prioritizes accordingly.”
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“From the sales cycle to the trial period to the ongoing support that we receive from Formstack, it is an absolute game-changer.”
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“Easy to use and with great support. I chose this app over quite a few which didn't do what they advertised. Formstack does everything I wanted.”
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“It has saved so much trouble and heartache in onboarding new clients, but beyond that, their support has been stellar every step of the way.” 
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Frequently Asked Questions

With Formstack Forms, anyone in your organization can build custom online forms, collect data, and automate processes. No coding required online form builder.
Does Formstack for Salesforce need a certificate to connect to Salesforce?
Does Formstack for Salesforce need a certificate to connect to Salesforce

No. When setting up Formstack for Salesforce, all you need to do is head over to the AppExchange and install Forms for Salesforce and Documents for Salesforce.

How do I set up Formstack for Salesforce?
How do I set up Formstack for Salesforce

To add Forms for Salesforce to your Salesforce org, simply navigate to the Forms for Salesforce AppExchange listing and choose “Get It Now.” Documents for Salesforce can also be found in the Salesforce AppExchange.

How does Formstack work with Salesforce?
How does Formstack work with Salesforce

Forms for Salesforce is a native Salesforce form builder, which means you can quickly build digital forms without leaving Forms for Salesforce connects to any standard or custom object. This means you can create complex forms that match specific Salesforce data models, dynamically prefill those forms for your end users, and update records automatically with submission data—all while staying in line with compliance practices.

Can you add a campaign to Salesforce through Formstack?
Can you add a campaign to Salesforce through Formstack

Yes! Forms built with Forms for Salesforce can be connected to any standard or custom object. Simply create a form using a campaign object, and when data is submitted on that form, it will automatically generate a new campaign record.

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